sauna mobile en bois de cèdre, service à domicile insolite et original à Bruxelles et en Belgique. Authentique poele à bois finlandais, sans électricité

Le Sauna-Mobile, that will heat!

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Sauna Mobile
Nicolas Godeau
190 euros/ 1 day
220 euros/ 2 days

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Phone : +32 (0)473 85 31 25

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You make my head spin!

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As its name suggests without any ambiguity, this is a mobile sauna. Covered with cedar boards, the cabin contains a genuine Finnish wood-burning stove. Find a small private creek, a sandbank, a flowered garden or any other exceptional place, then send for your friends and your sauna. And you are ready to sweat.

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The cabin comprises two benches where 6 people can be seated or 2 stretched out. You will be gobsmacked: the stove next to which you will sweat is genuinely Scandinavian. A natural and relaxing atmosphere, a soft heat, a plush moment for a tête-à-tête or an evening with friends. Sparks will fly, but the sauna, heated by fire wood only, will shield you.

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