Le Dream, hotel insolite dans une ancienne chapelle à Mons, en Belgique. Chambres à thèmes et spa


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Hotel Dream !
4 stars

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Hotel, restaurant
and public or private spa for guests
Free parking

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T : 065 / 32 97 20

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For two people, the luxury of a double room including

• Breakfast

• 5 course menu (excluding drinks)

• Access to the SPA (sauna, hammam, jacuzzi)

195 €

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Synday Deal


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The Dream was a 19th century religious retreat in the city of Mons, built on the southern slopes of the historic city centre. Its history began some 200 years ago, when the neo-gothic chapel was a place of worship. Deconsecrated and converted into a 4-star hotel, this holy place is currently devoted to the worship of more worldly pleasures.

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Yet the hotel has retained a sense of the sacred. Its complete renovation remains faithful to its fundamental function, namely to receive visitors. An exceptional building and crazy concept! Its ecclesiastical architectural past continues to haunt its present and nourish its future; around every corner, an apparition!

The common thread throughout the hotel is the city of Mons and the Doudou (the Mons fair – a local event based on ancestral traditions that takes place every year, on the weekend of Trinity Sunday).

Since 2005, the fair has been recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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Culinary delights…

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The pilgrimage commences with the pleasures of the palate, at restaurant Mezzo. Wall art and gastronomy coexist in perfect harmony. The cuisine is refined and inviting, as is the wine list. The communion wine should be enjoyed inside, in the elegant ambiance, or outside during the fine weather.

Next to the restaurant is the brasserie Mea Culpa, the antechamber to the Délirium, the lounge area, offering a gastronomic bistro menu and serving simple and satisfying food to your heart’s content.

The voyage concludes with friends around a cocktail in the exuberant atmosphere of the Délirium.

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The hotel offers a sublime panoply of services crowned by the « 5 Worlds » product range, or you might choose to relax your cares away in the Alter Ego wellness area, whether in a private or collective setting.

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The voyage of discovery continues as you enter the bedroom area within the confines of the former convent. Each themed bedroom offers a distinctly unique atmosphere. The bedroom of psychedelic colours for the damned souls or the monastic area for the converted, there’s always a totally individual bedroom in which you can cloister yourself away for a night.

On the third floor the leitmotif is Belgium. The Magritte, full of weightless bowler hats, for falling asleep (or not) in the arms of Morpheus in a totally surrealist ambiance! Or the special Belgian Cartoon, illustrated from floor to ceiling with our childhood heroes. Or enter your Dream world in the Manneken Pis, Taste of Belgium, Carnival, 5 Senses, Eddy Merckx, Expo 58 and Art Nouveau

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