La Villa Cosy privée pour une soirée romantique privée et excluisve en amoureux, près de Bruxelles

Lovely & Cosy

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Villa & Loft Private Wellness Center

Stiggelstraat 2a | 1910 Berg (Kampenhout) –

Open (7/7): 10:00 to 24:00

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The private SPA « Villa Cosy » hosts couples (and sometimes their friends) for an eternal moment of happiness… The first Villa in the Oxygen-House crown has been fully renovated to ensure complete privacy. Franck, the insatiable traveller behind the project, shelled out on a trip as far as Wisconsin to obtain the authentic oak planks currently installed in the sauna in Berg-Kampenhout.

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Franck is no beginner when it comes to creating havens of well-being. Villa COSY, a private SPA, is the name of his fully renovated first Villa.

The newest feature is the centrepiece of this divine location: a sauna created out of authentic oak planks sourced from a barn in Wisconsin, one wall of which is entirely clad in salt rocks. Quite extraordinary! The light reflected by the salt rocks naturally invites tranquillity and well-being.

This outstanding space is the third creation by Franck, joining the LOFT and the Villa PRESTIGE.

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