Une balade originale et insolite à Bruxelles, dans un véritable taxi anglais

Take a trip in a London taxi

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T +32 (0) 474 402 791

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Jeffrey Harnie is a fan of old cars and authentic London taxis, so much that his garage is bursting at the seams with vintage British cars. The elegant Victoria and Britannia will take you on the finest drive of your life, just like in the Avengers.

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Jeffrey has been sharing his passion for London taxis for many years now, a number of which he has adopted as his own. He dresses them up for hire in a fitting manner, complete with chauffeur. Whether for a quirky drive in the country or a wedding, there’s no chance of your unforgettable day ending up in a breakdown, being stranded at the roadside!

Genuine London taxis are available for hire for all types of events:

Weddings, wedding parties, religious ceremonies, birthdays, stag and hen parties or simply just for fun.

St Valentine’s Day: surprise your Valentine with a romantic and original trip out.

A trip to Brussels to a restaurant, casino or concert.

An unforgettable guided tour of Brussels and the surrounding area.

Corporate events, new product launches, advertising, themed evenings, personnel celebrations.

Film shoots and adverts.

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Graphiste de formation (diplômée de La Cambre, section "Typographie & Design graphique"), webdesigner et entrepreneuse, ma carrière professionnelle se nourrit des projets digitaux insolites : Co-fondatrices Hopopup, Please Surprise Me, Co-auteure Magique Belgique et Magique Bruxelles