26 Nov ZOOM Hotel

59 rue de la Concorde
1000 Bruxelles
+32 (0)2 515 00 60

Focus on the ZOOM and close-up on a hotel where glossy paper becomes welcoming. The passion for photography is instantly recognizable. You will meet the only receptionist/photographer (or photographer/receptionist, depending on your vantage point) able to talk for hours about traditional film photography and old Canons, about an era before digital cameras were all the rage.

The entrance of the hotel exhibits its “pretty faces”, unusual residents and historical monuments creating a fresco of 400 prints, produced by a participatory photography project.

The owners have succeeded in combining the comfort of a four star hotel with the eccentric vision of a contemporary one. The delightful shock of a warm and cozy bed that rubs shoulders with rough neon lighting.

Within walking distance from place Stéphanie, avenue Louise and Porte de Namur, the clients are a motley crew: shopping addicts and fashion victims live peacefully alongside curious and open-minded businesspeople.

On the ground floor, a Beer House has set up shop. About fifty rare and refined beers can be tasted, not least of them the Westvleteren, a globally popular Trappist beer that can only be purchased at the abbey.

A breakfast on the terrace

For 15€, a gourmet buffet is served in an open kitchen, much like your own – you even toast your own bread. A waltz of pastry, cheeses and colt cuts, jams, granola, cereal, eggs, fresh fruit and juices, muffins and Belgian waffles are waiting for you.