Bubbles of water and champagne in a norvegian nomad bath

Have you ever dreamt of spending a romantic evening by candle light, watching your loved one, holding a champagne glass, sparkle with bubbles dancing on his body? Or of relaxing in a jacuzzi with your friends? No problem: just book your at home Norwegian bath experience, for the love of God!

The concept of the « Nomad Bath » consists in an entirely autonomous mobile pool, in which you can frolic in 38°celsius water, with whomever you wish. So what is a « Norwegian bath », when « jacuzzi » sounds rather Italian?

Imagine an exterior bath where the water is naturally heated by a fully submerged wood-burning stove. The water gently boils by thermal conduction. Once the desired temperature is reached (34 to 38°C), you can delicately glide into the bath, whether with your better half or your friends, and simply let yourself float.

The bath can be used outdoors all year round, even though the steam produced in winter is impressive. You can let off steam soaking in the bath, which is to be expected from a « naturally convivial » initiative.

This little wooden jewel can of course be delivered to the location of your choice, on the condition of a road access and a flat parking space (5m long by 3m large), a nearby water source and the possibility of draining the wastewater afterwards.

Rate (VTA incl.)

  • Day 1: 250 eur
  • After day 1: 100 eur/day
  • Extra Km : 1 eur/ Km
For more informations
+32 (0)63 33 90 59


Bain norvégien nomade, jacuzzi à domicile





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